Welcome To Marion’s Attic!

Marion’s Attic is a unique radio program, broadcasted on WBCQ, The Planet, 7.415 MHz (Shortwave Radio) every Sunday at 5 PM Eastern time. Hosted by Marion Webster & Kristina, and with occasional special guests.

Marion Webster here! Marion’s Attic is an eclectic radio program which plays original cylinder and disc records from the late 1890’s to the mid 1930’s. Having a library containing thousands of standard size cylinder records, dozens of 5 inch Concert Cylinders and an unknown amount of 78’s allows us to share unusual and forgotten music that you cannot hear anywhere else. What makes this special radio program unique is I play original records on the original phonographs when possible; many of which are over 100 years old. The theme varies from week to week; a show may feature popular songs from the early 1900’s one week, wild dance music from the roaring 20’s the next week.

Marion’s Attic is one of the most popular radio shows on Shortwave Radio and has continuously aired on WBCQ since September 21st, 1999. It is also one of the true success stories of Shortwave programs, with all production costs and air time paid by the generosity of loyal listeners. Our staff has been and always will be committed to educating listeners about the history of recorded sound, while making you laugh and feeling good.